Belle of The Ball van Wei Haj Wè

Black/white female, CRX n 09
Born 7 July 2002
Breeders Mieke & Annemarie Brekelmans, Belgia

Belle is from Belgium Wei Haj We Cattery. Belle's both parents are exported from top cornish rex catteries in USA. Belle has very international background, as you can seen from her pedigree.

Belle is elegant and beatifull young lady. She has really wonderfull headshape, straight profile, expressive almond shape eyes and great ears. Belle is not bothered to have even coat all the time: sometimes she seems to have too much coat, sometimes she looses it all. Belle's character is typical rex: she is super active, friedly and flurry. She has suprinsingly loud voise for such a small cat ans Belle surely knows how to use her voise if she wants something.

Belle has been a wonderfull mother to three litters. She has been shown only few times with no special success.

In May 2005 Belle moved back to her breeders in Belgium.