Cornish rex mix project


Our cats are first pets and family members, breeding and show careers come after that. Some of our breeding cats are homed with other people with a special agreement. All our cats live as freely as possible, the studs of course have to be separated from the females. All our breeding cats are healthy, FeLV and FIV negative, ringworm negative and they haven't got any known hereditary diseases or disorders. Most cats are also heart ulrasound tested. Those are marked with in the list below. Since summer 2008 the heart ultrasound results are also added to Pawpeds. Unfortunatly older result cannot be listed there retrospectively.

Our cats have nice temperaments and we try to breed cornish rexes that are real lap cats and easy to handle in every situation, also in cat shows. All this without loosing their natural liveliness, sosiality and curiosity.

The cats used in breeding are good examples of the FIFe type cornish rex and we would like them to be are at least Champions. Some times this just is not possible with males, if the owner is not willing to live with a spraying stud... Our breeding cats are from several different countries and by combining different bloodlines and avoiding in-breeding we are trying to get healthy cornish rexes to live up their new owners lifes as long as possible.

Our kittens are ready to leave home at the age of at least12 weeks, when they are registered in FIFe, vaccinated twice, microchipped and checked by a vet. They are raised lovingly underfoot with our family. Kittens are used to children, dogs and offcourse other cats.

These cats have been in our breeding program during the years. Most of them are neuters now.

= heart ultrasound tested to be healthy and normal

o o o
IC FI*Piupaws I Robot, kuva Harri Wicstrand
IC FI*Piupaws I Robot, kuva Harri Wickstrand
EP, EC Darling-Isis' Little Wonder DM, CRX f 09 Lilu's page
IC Penmarric's Helin Elohopea, CRX ns (import from Canada) Kiti's page
EC Doctrix' Miss Marple, CRX f 09heart Marple's page
GIC Penmarric's Purr Puri DM, CRX n 33 (import from Canada) Luna's page
IP Piupaws Medway Queen, CRX a Elisa's page
EC Piupaws Frances Blancheri, CRX n (lives in Tampere)
Piupaws Dana Scully, CRX n 09 (lives with family Passi)
EC Piupaws Great Expectations, CRX n 09 Greta's page
Belle of the Ball van Wei Haj We, CRX n 09 (import from Belgium) Belle's page
GIC Piupaws Minerva McGonagall, CRX n (live's with Alix in Helsinki)
GIC Piupaws Maja Plisestkaja, CRX a Pieni Sininen's page
EC Piupaws Nina Ennismore DM, CRX f 09 Enni's page
IC Piupaws Zoe World Mercedes, CRX f 09 (lives in Naantali)
Heatwave Toot Toot Tootsie, CRX ns 09 (import from USA, lives S*Anglarna's cattery)
CH S*Änglarna's Velvet Kiss, CRX n 09 23 Pusu's page

EC Piupaws Edina Monsoon, CRX f Ilona's page (lives with family Asumus)

WW04, SW04 GIC Piupaws Clarabelle, CRX n 09 Clara's page (in FIN*Spectrolite cattery)
IC Piupaws MiniMe, CRX f 09 Tilli's page (in FIN*Spectrolite cattery)
CH Piupaws Jelizaveta, CRX n 09 23 Jenisei's page (in FIN*Spectrolite cattery)
IC Piupaws Sylvia-Neiti, CRX n 01 Sylvia's page
S*Farie's Halo, CRX f 03 Halos' page (lives with Heli Josefsson in Turku)
S*Charolai's Älva, CRX f 03 Älva's page (lives with Iida Rinne)
Piupaws Palmira, CRX c 03, Riitta's page (lives with Kaartinen family)
Piupaws Evil Queen, CRX n 09, (with Mattsson family)
IC Piupaws Tinkerbell, CRX n 09, Tiuku's page
EC Piupaws Hazel the Witch, CRX n 03, Vinku's page
EP Piupaws Kesäheila, CRX a 09 33, Helmi's page (lives with Sonja)
CH S*Tofsörat's Pawprint of Sekhmet, CRX ns 24 03, Madde's page
IC Piupaws Cranberry, CRX f 02 21 33, CanCan's page (in Sweetpurss' cattery)
Piupaws Alex Munday, CRX f,heart Alex's page (lives with Iida Rinne)
Rex-O-Rama Not Your Ordinary Type, CRX n 03, Minttu's page
IC Kokopellirex Cipsi, CRX f,heart Cipsi's page
Piupaws Serenity, CRX n 03 24, Pumpuli's page (lives with Christina and Kari)
SC Piupaws Sunrise, CRX d 03,heart Safron's page
Piupaws Bona Dea, CRX n 02, Dea's page (lives with Iida Rinne)
Mellow van Berkendonck CRX g, heart own page, imp from Holland
GH Bodvin's Rosalina, CRX f 03 heartown page, imp from Denmark
CH FI*Piupaws Räntä, CRX n 01 21 own page
FI*Piupaws Hölö, CRX n 03 24 own page
GIC FI*Piupaws (Nice Voice...) CRX n 03 heartown page
IC FI*Piupaws Thyra, CRX a 01 heartown page
IC FI*Piupaws I Robot, CRX n 09 own page
FI*Piupaws Lapis Lazuli, CRX g 24 own page
FI*Piupaws What Ever!, CRX ns 03 own page
FI*Piupaws Extra Terrestrial, CRX n heart own page
FI*Piupaws Schwannoma, CRX n Asta, photo
FI*Piupaws Only This Olivia, CRX d 24 Olivia, photo
FI*Metsäkansan Gemma, CRX fs 24, kuva, photo
FI*Piupaws Cat Deeley, CRX a 03 Catti, photo
CH FI*Piupaws Roudabout, CRX f 03 heart own page
SC FI*Piupaws Extra Terrific, CRX n 03 heart own page
FI*Piupaws T&CO, CRX n 03 Taco, photo
CH FI*Piupaws Kuplamuovi, CRX n 03, Kuplis, FI*Derekaz-kissala
EP, EC Creme de la Creme van Wei Haj We
PR, EC Darling-Isis Earthling, CRX n 09 Örkki's page
IP, EC Doctrix' Lord Nelson, CRX wheart Nelkku's page
Piupaws Second Gentleman, CRX d 09 Arttu's page
EP Piupaws Sir Roschester, CRX n (lives in Turku)
IC Sebbitiboo Christopher, CRX b (import from England) Risto's page
EC Töfsörat's Apep, CRX d, Sweden
Piupaws Killara Wirake, CRX d 09 (lives in Helsinki)
GIC Piupaws David Copperfield, CRX n 09 (Lives with Mattsson family)
Hristopher Amber Sea, CRX a (import from Russia) Tarmo's page
EC, EP Creme de la Creme van Wei Haj We, CRX e 09 (import from Belgium) Iivari's page
EC Struntens Zwennis, CRX n 09 24 (Strunten's cattery, Sweden)
EC Ridgways Swedish Dream-of-Anglarnas DSM, DM, CRX c 09 Sweden
IC Piupaws Harry James Potter, CRX n 09 Harry's page
CH Piupaws Marius Petipa, CRX n (lives with family Passi)
IC Kokopellirex Finnigan, CRX n 09 (import from Canada) Buddy's page
CH Seer's Arcturus, CRX a 09 (Creolo cattery)
Valiant-Amjuzant, CRX n 24 (import from Russia) Igor's page
Heatwave Broadway Joe, CRX ns 09 USA/Sweden
IP, EC Piupaws Link, CRX n 09 Link's page
GIC Piupaws Dumbo, CRX a 09 33 Dumbo's page
Nerikomin Tragedy for You, CRX n 09 33 (Nerikomin cattery)
Piupaws Fjodor Romanov, CRX a 09 24 Charles' page
IC Piupaws Eitan, CRX d 09 33, (lives in Hietalahti family in Porvoo)
GIP, CH Piupaws Black Tower, CRX n, Jorma's page
IC Piupaws Lennilokinpoikanen, CRX a 03,heart Lenni's page
N*Enchanting's Mr Mephisto, CRX ds, (FIN*Extraversion cattery)
IC Piupaws Bruce, CRX d 09, (Creolo cattery, Turku)
IC Purafection SOS Sandoval, CRX d 03, USA / Sweden
GIP, EC Piupaws Chernabog, CRX n, Mörkö's page
GIC Piupaws Kesätaivas, CRX e 09 33, Tero's page
CH Piupaws Nabi, CRX n 02 , Nabi's page (lives with Tuija)
SW05 S*Änglarna's Raw and Chilly, JW. Sweden
GIC Golden's Bobo, CRX ns 24,heart Bobo's page, FI*Angelfall's cattery
Silkywonder's Elliot, CRX n 03 Elliot's page
IC FI*Piupaws Roland, CRX n 03 Roland's page
FI*Piupaw Penpont, CRX n, Bondi's page (in leasing home)
WW'08, SP, EC FI*Piupaws "Toykiller", DSM, CRX n 03 heart, Killeri's page
Piupaws Penpont, CRX n, Bondin sivut (in leasing home)
Piupaws Ruud van Nistelrooy, CRX n Sulon sivut (in leasing home)
CH LT*Zundeja Grantas, CRX a 09 32heartJussin sivut, FI*Creolo kissala
Yass-53 Yam-Yam, CRX n heart Japani / Ruotsi
IC FI*Piupaws Terminator, CRX a 03 heartPaavo's page
EC FI*Piupaws Not Available, CRX n hearLittle-Mörkö's page
FI*Piupaws D. farinae, CRX n, Laku in leasing home
S*Änglarna's Utah Unlimited, CRX d 03, heart Sweden / England
Mistbesque Rex Maximus, CRX d 24 heart Photos of Max, owner FI*Sweetpurr's cattery
Imse Vimse's Mimas, CRX a 23, om FI*Spectrolite kissala
IC FI*Piupaws Gordon Ramsey, CRX n 24 Ram-Ram, sijoituksessa kuva
FI*Piupaws I am Legend, CRX n, Mr Smith
FI*Piupaws Joe Rogan, CRX a 02 Jore, own page
FI*Piupaws Isospora, CRX e 03, Kusti, photo
SC FI*Piupaws Hobgoblin, CRX n Hopoli's page
SC FI*Piupaws Krafla, CRX n 03 heart Teppo, own page
FI*Piupaws Rub-A-Dub-Dub, CRX a 09 24 heart Jack, own page
EC FI*Sweetpurr's Full Moon, CRX n 03 heart (Fabio, FunkyJams-cattery)
CH FI*Piupaws Sonny, CRX a 03 Sonny, own page
IC FI*Piupaws The F-Word, CRX n 24 Viljo, in leasing home
Dschadi's Desperado, CRX d 03 heart Hades, imp. from Germany
FI*Sweetpurr's Helios, CRX d 03 heart Jali, FI*Sweetpurr's cattery
GIC FI*Piupaws Turdus Merula, CRX n heart Devil, FI*Derekaz-cattery

N*Enchanting's Mr Mephisto aka Reiska. Photo Jan Nyström.