GIC WW'04, SW'04 FIN*Piupaws Clarabelle

Black/white female, CRX n 09
Born 1 November 2003
Owner Maija Aho, FIN*Spektrolite
Photos from World Show, Vienna

Clara is a litter sister of Dumbo form the Disney litter. The mother is Luna and the father is beatifull lilac white male Goofy. Clara lives in a foster home in Kuopio in the same family with Tilli and Jenisei. Clara is gorgeous black white female. Her ears are huge, profile straight. Her cyrly coat has always been very short, dence and close lying. Her legs and tail are extremely long.

Clara has been really succesfull in shows. Clara is the first Finnish cornish rex that has won both Scandinavian Winner and World Winner titles. She became SW'04 in Norway and WW'04 in Austria. Clara is the second Piupaws cornish rex that has won WW title. Year 2004 Clara was the 3. best adult and 5. best kitten in all breeds in category III. She also was the best cornish rex adult and kitten in Finland.

At the moment Clarabelle is taking care of 6 tiny cornish babies. Clara's next litter will be registered to Spectrolite cattery.

Photo: Åsa Petre Photo: Outi Jalo