GIC FIN*Piupaws Dumbo

Bluepointed and white neuter male, CRX a 09 33
Born 1 November 2003
Owner Heli Tepponen

Dumbo is from our first litter that combined only USA/Canadian lines. Dumbo's father is an import from USA ans he lives in Sweden. Dumbo's mother is from Canada. Dumbo has many most famous American cornish rexes in his pedigree.

On his looks Dumbo is real CFA type cornish rex. His profile is bumby and he has eggshaped and long head. His ears are really huge and high set. Dumbo has lovely high elegant legs, long tail and nice body and propotions. His coat has been on and off occansionally, but mostly he has close lying small curls. Maybe according to his name Dumbo has been a bit fat, but now he has very trim and muscular body and he is starting to look masculine male.

Dumbo's personality is super lovely and friendly. He is a bit silly cat (well, you have to remember who his parents are!) but he is so funny!

Photos: Harri Wickstrand

Photo: Kirsi Aalto