IP FIN*Piupaws Medway Queen

Blue neuter female (CRX a)
Born 15 January 1999
Owner Timo Haukioja

Elisa is a result of our own breeding program. Her mum is imported female Kiti and dad is Risto, also imported. When Elisa was a kitten she didn’t look promising at all, but she could be pointed out really well from her litter mates, as the rest of the kittens were black and Elisa was blue. In fact when Elisa was just one month old she performed a taming program on Mikko and always crawled on to Mikko’s pillow to sleep. We jus had to keep so cute little Elisa. Elisa’s registration name Medway Queen is a paddle boat on the Medway river, which is close to Risto’s birth home. And her call name is derived from that by male logic; Medway Queen -> Queen Elizabeth -> Elisa. Also Heli's second name happens to be Eliisa.

So Elisa is blue. She has inherited her head shape from her Canadian mother, but luckily also the big ears and suitably small size comes from there. Both of her parents must have given her those long legs and that short body, so Elisa has really nice proportions. Her coat is beautiful; thick, shiny, wavy and smooth as silk. Elisa's character is typical for a rex, she is always everywhere, all the time. She is very social towards humans, but she shows it by running back and forth and while doing that she drops all the dishes from the table (shouldn’t leave the dishes on the table!!), rips and crushes the newspaper (shouldn’t be left on the table!!) and finally leaps into the drinking bowl. Elisa gets on with everyone really well. Sometimes she stops still and spends some time sleeping on your lap.

Elisa hasn't been shown very much. Iin the shows she always has thousands of legs when she is presented. While shown to judges she manages to perform many pirouettes and leaps before the steward even realizes. She has been twice BIV and has gained the tittle IP.

Elisa moved to live with lovely couple who also have a kitten called Ansa from us.