EC FIN*Piupaws Nina Ennismore

Calico neuter female (CRX f 09)
Born 25 March 2000
Owner Heli Tepponen

Enni is better known as Little Trouble. In fact she is no trouble at all, but she just very actively takes part in our everyday life. How could we know how to empty litter trays without supervisor and quality controller? Enni is a "product" of our own breeding, her parents are Risto and Lilu. Enni just happened to stay at home, even though she was not the meant to...

Enni is classic calico and her coloring is very clear and intense, as can be seen in the photos. The thick coat and good rexing is inherited from the Risto-father. The influence of the British blood can also be seen in Enni's head shape, her profile is not exactly straight, but the scull is totally flat. Her ears are big and well set, body short and tail suitably long. Her job in the family is to be the work efficiency supervisor. Everything that happens is equally interesting and necessarily needs her interference. For example from the washing machine we have found several Ennis and on the corner of a dish cloth there is usually hanging one Enni. To be able to be in as many places simultaneously as possible, Enni is always really busy.

Enni has been shown quite some times. As a result she has been BIV and NOM several times, also she has been few times BIS or BOX. One judge has said that Enni has the best cornish rex body he has ever seen and couple of others have praised her perfect earsetting for ages. For some reason Enni is the easiest cat to show: she just sits or stands on the table and doesn't move anywhere. You can leave her there and she just does her best to look as beautiful as possible. She was also chosen to have the most interesting coat at a rex special show!

Enni in Kes-Kisin show summer 2007. Shw was the best veteran female! Photos Kapatrik