EC FIN*Piupaws Great Expectations

Black/white female, CRX n 09
Born 7 February 2001-

In the litter of Marple and Oiva there was three beatifull girls. It was really difficult to choose wich one of them would stay at home. Greta just had "that something" and she was left to accompany other cats in Piupaws cattery.

Greta Gretalla had wonderfull blackwhite colour and super curly coat. Her ears were huge and high set, but the profile could have been better. Greta was very small and petite cat, elegant and slender. She was a playfull cat, a bit modest but kind towards everyone.

As a kitten Greta left show arenas to her sister Dora and brothers Davy and Olli, that all were succefull showcats 2001 and 2002. After all Greta got all certificates to European Champion title, with some nominations, best of varieties and even BOX results on the way.

Greta had only one litter with out Iivari. In December 2004 she got severe uterus infection and she unfortunately did not recover. She left us with great sorrow and we will always deeply miss our sweet and kind girl.