Neiti Halonen
S*Farie's Halo

Calico female, CRX f 09
Born 13 January 2005
Breeders Mari Lorentsson and Mats Holm, Sweden
Owner Heli Josefsson

Miss Halonen travelled from Sweden to Finland in April 2005. She is super sweet little lady. Halo is not affraid of anything she just calmy follows whatever happens. Halo has very interesting pedigree with some of the most beatifull Swedish rexes combined to "our cross" lines.

Halo has wondefull high legs and very promising body. Her profile is almost straight and she has nice ears.

Halo had one litter with our handsome Charles. In the future Halo will probably come to the shows as a neuter.

Photos: Mari Lorentsson

Halo, photos taken by Heli Josefsson 12 May 2005