IC FIN*Piupaws Harry James Potter

Black white male (CRX n 09)
Born 16 January2002 - died 26 November 2003

Harry was a real Harry Potter, super-quiddish player. Harry was only few hours old, when he crawled out of the nest and fell on the floor. And from since there was speed, wild things and danger in his life. Harry jumped, hanged and raged everywhere.

When you saw Harry the first time you noticed his superb ears: they were large, open and high set. Harry's eyes were a bit round so he he always looked astonished, which matched his temperament. The boy was gorgeous, he had thick rexing, great body propositions and long tail. Harry was a big cat, muscular but elegant.

In October 2003 Harry was found dead. The reason for Harry's sudden death was found in autopsy, it was congenital heart desease (idiopathetich restrictive cardiomyopathy, RCM). Typical to this type of heart desease is that is has no symptoms and the cat appers to be totally normal until found dead. The reason of the RCM is not know mainly because it is very rare, but it is not hereditary. There is no treatment or cure for RCM. After Harry's death we started ultrasound testing our cats. All Harry's ancestors were healthy but unfortunately Harry's sister Pirkko has the same RCM. As far we know no other cornish rexes has ever been found having RCM but in Finland our cats are the only ones tested.

If you have any information about RCM or other heart decease speacially in cornish rex, please write to us!