Piupaws kittens

For every kitten we hope to find best home possible. Most of our kittens go to pet homes and were are happy with that. Off course it is nice for a breeder to see own cats in shows and specially when they do succeed.

Cornish rexes are well know for their super social temperament. Most cats love children, dogs and other cats. Cornish rex is also suitable as an only pet but then the owner must be able to spent lots of time with the cat. Sometimes best option is to have two kittens so they always have cat company when the owner is not at home.

We do export our cats but to only registered catteries or as a pet (registered not for breeding). Minimum age to have a kitten is 12 weeks.

All our breeding cats are FIV and Felv negative, blood typed and ringworm negative. Most cats are also heart ultrasound tested. We occasionally test our cats also against herpes, calici, clamydia and mycoplasma.

We count inbreeding-% for every litter so if you are interested about these, just ask! We try to keep IB% close to 0.


Pet quality kittens are 700 euros. Show and breed quality kittens are from 1200 euros. All FI*Piupaws kittens are registered, also pet quality kittens. Every kitten will have:

- Officially registered to Fife
- Kissaliitto certified pedigree (and transfer if needed)
- Full vaccinations twice (cat flue and panleukopenia). Rabies if needed.
- Deworming x 3
- Microshipped
- EU passport if needed
- Minumum age 12 weeks.


Some of our breeding cats live in other families. We try to keep our own number of cats reasonable but we also keep most of the "oldies" and retired ex-breeding or show cats at home. They are our family members and they will never leave. To be able to continue breeding and to have new cats in breeding program the best solution for the cats are that they live in leasing families. The cats are mostly placed there as kittens and they will live there all their lives. Some leasing cats are shown a lot if the owner is interested in showing. The leasing cats are used in breeding usually once or twice and then they are neutered.