EP&EC Darling-Isis' Little Wonder, DM

Calico neuter female (CRX f 09)
Born 23 December 1996 - died 3 March 2008
Breeder Tea Tuominen

Lilu is still after spaying the true queen in our family, though she has now more tolerance towards the other cats. Lilu is a good example of mixing the best of European and American blood lines. She is an elegant female with high legs. She has almost a straight profile and the best in her are perfectly high set huge ears. Lilu has "USA-type" tightly curly coat, which now ofter the neutering is bettern than ever.

Lilu has had four sets of kittens and she has been a good and caring mother for all her babies.

At cat shows Lilu has done really well. She has been BIS Kitten, BOX Adult, 4xBIS Neuter, BOX Neuter, and 11xNOM. She was also the second best breeding queen in Finland 2000 and the Best Veteran 2004. Lilu is the first cornish rex female in Finland who has achieved both titles EC and EP and she is the only cornish rex to have also DM title.