GIC Penmarric's Purr Puri, DM

Sealpoint female (CRX n 33)
Born 22 June 2000
Breeders Chris ja Linda Smith, Kanada
Owner Heli Tepponen

Luna is from the same Penmarric cattery in Canada as Kiti. Heli saw Luna's mom Sable when she was there picking up Kiti, and fell in love with her. Sable is a really good looking sealpoint and white female and after two years of waiting we finally got her daughter to Finland. Luna was the only kitten in the litter, so there was not much to choose from, but she really is worth of all the waiting, money and effort.

Luna is a sealpoint little lady, who has long skinny legs, tapering tail and huge ears. Her coat is strong and wavy. Nose is very American, but her eyes are beautiful light blue and almond shape. Because of her temperament we call her Tänttähäärä, which you cannot really translate to English, but it means that she is a really "velcro kitty". She follows humans everywhere, lies on lap her legs sticking up and purrs all the time. Luna talks a lot and she seems to know what she wants and how to get it.

In the shows judges have described Luna with words: special, elegant, USA-type. Well, she has always had her certificates. Luna's kittens have been really succesfull in the shows, they have been numerous times BIV, NOM, BOX and BIS. The most famous of her kittens maybe are EC WW02 Piupaws Pirkko Potter and GIC, WW04, SW04 Piupaws Clarabelle.

Luna as a kitten with her mother Sable. Photo by Linda Smith