S* Tofsörat's Pawprint of Sekhmet

Silverspotted and white bicolour female, CRX ns 03 24
Born 5 May 2005
Breeders Helen & Solveig Öjebrandt, S*Tofsörats, Sweden
Owner Heli Tepponen

This super sweet and special little lady came from Sweden to our cattery. Madde is typewise very "traditional" Scandinavian style cornish rex. There is nothing extreme in her. But she has everything a nice cornish lady should have and her coat is full and curly. We know Madde is not the showstopper, but we are really glad we were able to have her. She has true cornish rex personality and she makes us laugh every day with her funny plays.

Madde is the first and only silveragouti and white cornish rex in Finland. We hope in the future to have more silvertabby cornish babies in maybe a bit more elegant shape.


Madde is Kes-Kis show in Jyväskylä 11 February 2006. Photos Heikki Siltala

Madde as a kitten. Photo: Helen Öjebrand, S'Tofsörat's cattery

Madde and the judge Glenn Sjöbom on TUROK cat show 27.11.2005. Photos Heikki Siltala.

Photos: Heli Josefsson