EC Doctrix' Miss Marple

Calico neuter female (CRX f 09)
Born 14 November 1999 - died 3 March 2008
Breeder Kirsi Kulmala
Owner Heli Tepponen

Marple is from the Lilu and Nelson's first litter and she has been registered to Kirsi Kulmala's cattery name. She was born feet first and as soon as Heli saw her multi-colored heels it was obvious where she was going to spend the rest of her life. After the other kittens had left home Lilu didn't bother to take care of Marple any more, so one of Heli's dogs called Nova adopted her. Nova has nursed all our cats when they were little, but this was the first time she actually produced milk! So now Marple often prefers the company of dogs instead of other cats or humans.

Marple is calico van, which means that she has black and red color only on her head and tail, and also on those famous heels, her body is bright white. Marple has a head to die for and her ears are very close to perfect. She also has a really long tail and her coat is really nice and thick.

In cat shows Marple has been several times nominated and she has even once been the Best of Best Kitten and twice the Best in Show, she was BIS in the Finnish Winner Show! She was the best rex kitten and the third best shorthair kitten in Finland at 1999. As an adult she has among others been BOX and BIS.




Marple in Veteran class in TUROK cat show 27.11.2005. Photos Heikki Siltala.