Rex-O-Rama Not Your Ordinary Type

Black/white female, CRX n 09
Born 6 July 2005
Owner Heli Tepponen


Gozmecats breeder Phillip Pearson travelled to Europe with two lovely young rexes: Minttu and Blinky. We are happy to have this super sweet and extremely beatifull lady!

Minttu had two litters and has now retired.

Photo on the right: Virpi Ruotsalainen.

Minttu in ERY-Syd cat show 3 May 2006. Photo on the left Heikki Siltala. Photo on the right Virpi Ruotsalainen.

More photos of Minttu in ERY-SYD cat show. Photos and copyright Alix Antell.

Photos Frida Marklund.