CH FIN*Piupaws Nabi

Blackharlequin neuter male, CRX n 02
Born 26 August 2005
Owner Tuija Kantell & FIN*Piupaws cattery

Nabi lives in Äänekoski in Tuija's family. They also have one neuter cornish rex male and curly coated domestic housecat gentleman. Tuija told these older cats are a bit cunfused what is this very loud and extremely vivacious rat looking little boy :)

Nabi has one litter with out Vinku (IC Piupaws Hazel the Witch) and he is now neutered.

Nabi, handsome young man. Photos Åsa Petre.

Nabi at the SUROKin näyttelyssä 29 July 2006. Photos Heikki Siltala.