IP&EC Doctrix' Lord Nelson

White neuter male (CRX w)
Born 12 November 1997 - died 8 December 2004
Breeder Kirsi Kulmala

Nelson (Nelkku) was white big ex-stud, with an exellent temperament. He had the perfect show personality, which often was described by judges: COOL CAT! Nelson was a very European type cornish rex, he had almost a straight profile, good shape eyes and big ears, which were set a little bit too wide apart. Coat was strong and wavy. Although Nelson was a big boy, he had high legs and a very long tapering tail.

Nelson were seen in cat shows often and he has been The Best Kitten, 3xNominated Adult, 5xThe Best of Variety and 2xBOX Neuter.

Nelson passed on his snow white colour quite succesfully: he had 7 white kittens and 6 kittens some other colour.

For several years Nelson had cronical mouth infection. At first medication worked well and Nelson were able to live normal life. But after all the illness became more severe and the final decision had to be made. We all will miss this big white gentleman. He was one of the kind and there will never be an other cat to take his place in our hearts.