PR&EC Darling-Isis' Earthling

Black white neuter male (CRX n 09)
Born 23.12.1996 - died 3.3.2008
Breeder Tea Tuominen
Owner Katja Kinnunen

Örkki is a really masculine cat in both appearance and behaviour, even though he is now neutered. He has been described very truthfully by a judge with words "A Real Macho". He is very strong-minded, he knows what he wants and does get it, in one way or another.

Unlike his sister Lilu, Örkki has inherited more of his Finnish father's looks, his elegance is from the Yankee mother, but otherwise his is more of the old European type cornish rex. He has a superb muscle tone, excellent coat and a perfect straight profile, which have been admired by several judges at shows quite succesfully. He has been 1997 The Best Cornish Rex Kitten, 1998 The Best Cornish Rex Male and 1999 The Best Cornish Rex Stud in The Finnish Rex Cat Association.

Örkki is a father of 25 cornish rexes and he is also a grandfather. 13 of his kids have born in the Ajuz cattery, 6 in the Doctrix' cattery, 2 in the Wommincat and 4 in your own cattery with Kiti.