Armi or Pieni Sininen ("Little Blue")

GIC Piupaws Maja Plisetskaja
Blue female, CRX a
Born 28 February 2002 - 3.4.2009
Owner Heli Tepponen

We were supposed to call her Armi, but for some reason she has been always know as Little Blue (Pieni Sininen). Her daddy Tarmo is the Big Blue. She is from the only litter Tarmo had so we kept her ourselves and she is continuing Tarmo's Russian bloodline.

Little Blue us petite lady with short and wavy coat. If you look at her from a side she looks like her father, at the front she looks more like her mother. Little Blue has really high and elegant legs, short body, nice hearshape and higly set ears. Her tail could be longer.

She has nice temperament even and her specialy is to catch flies just with great enthusiastic - just like her father.

I her first show she was better know as "nude", so we did not expect any great succes for her. But in her second show she was BIS kitten. In aduld classes she has been numerous times NOM, BIV and few times BIS or BOX.

Little Blue died suddenly of sepsis wich cause was not determined.

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