CH FIN*Piupaws Sylvia-Neiti

Black/white female, CRX n 09
Born 11 December 2004
Owner Heli Tepponen

In the litter of Belle and Buddy there was two girls and we thought for a long time wich one to keep ourself. In the end we chose Sylvia because of her funny temperament and better headshape. Sylvia is absolutely and totally foolish cat. She is everywhere and all the time causing some kind of disturbance. Her speciality is to play with the computer :)

Sylvia has really beatifull head and lots of coat. In everyway she is nice cornish rex.

Sylvia was in Sweden in S'Änglarna's cattery and she had two litters there. Now Sylvia is back home.

Sylvia in cat show. Photo FIN*Kaiuksen

Below: Sylvia and Madde May 2007.

Photos: Heikki Siltala, PIROK show 4 December 2005. Sylvia with Harri Saari.

Photos: Kirsi Aalto, RUROK Cat Show 24 April 2005, Sylvia is 3,5 months old.