RUS*Hristopher Amber Sea

Blue neuter male (CRX a)
Born 20 April 2001
Breeder Galina Kolesnikova, Russia
Owner Katja Kinnunen

Tarmo is a small blue male from Russia. At home he has the perfect crex temperament, you can handle him any way you like. And he is very energetic, like his call name indicates (tarmo=energy, vigor). Unfortunately his sensitive nature doesn't take shows too well.

Tarmo is very elegant and refined for a male. His head is slightly "American" in type. His ears are well set, but they could be a bit bigger and more open at base. Coat is wavy and throughly blue. He just thinks there is no point of changing it, so he has kept the same fur for almost an year now.

Tarmo had only one litter with our Enni and we kept the only girl, Armi