GIC FIN*Piupaws Kesätaivas

Cremepointed and white neuter male, CRX e 03 33
Born 17 June 2005
Owner Hanna Lavi

FIV & Felv tested, bloodtype A, ringworm neg, heart scann OK

Tero is a father of four litters and is now retired from breeding. We maybe see him in neuter classes in show, is he manages to loose some weight :) Tero lives with housecat in Turku and is owned by nice young couple.

Tero in Kes-Kis cat show in Jämsä 17-18 June 2006. He was BOX adult on Saturday. Photo below Heikki Siltala.

Photos below ©Alix Antell.

Tero in ERY-SYD cat show 3 May 2006. Photo Heikki Siltala.

Tero in TUROK cat show 22 April 2006. PhotoHeikki Siltala.

And the same show, photos Jan Nyström.

Here is Tero on Järvenpää Cat Show 29-30 October 2005 where he was BIS kitten. Photos Samu Saurama.

Here is Tero, Dumbo and Tilli-Pupu's beatifull boy. Photos by Maija Aho and in these Tero is about 10 weeks old.