IC FIN*Piupaws Minime

Calico female, CRX f 09
Born 29 May 2003
Owner Maija Aho, FIN*Spectrolite

Tilli is a perfect copy of her mother Marple. Every little pach of colour are in the same place. Only Marple's colourfull heels are with in Tilli. Lukily Tilli is a bit moderd version of her mother, she has higher legs and more elegant body. Profile is exellent, ears big and high set. Her coat has always been ready, even as a kitten her culrs were better than many adult rexes.

Tilli's first litter was born 2004 and the kittens were registered to Maija's cattery name FIN*Spectrolite. Piupaws litter was born June 2005.