Cornish rex cattery FI*Piupaws

Behind the prefix FI*Piupaws you can find sisters Heli Tepponen and Katja Kinnunen. We both have started our pedigree cat hobby from cat shows and we have been lucky to own beautiful cornish rexes who have been succesful at shows and been a delight to show. We both are involved with local cat clubs and Finnish Cat Association (Suomen Kissaliitto, member of Fife).



Heli Tepponen

Heli is Registered Nurse working with disabled children. Heli has Masters degree in Health and Nursing Sciences.

Heli lives in an old farm on the countryside in Nousiainen with her husband and three children. Heli's family have bunch of cornish rexes and another animals. Heli has 5 dogs, three guinea pigs, mice, leopard tortoise, bearded dragon, two corn snakes and a large fish tank. Heli's husband Mikko is also an active member in TUROK and he has been the storeholder for nearly 20 years.

Turun Rotukissayhdistys ry (TUROK)

1996- member
1999 Rosettes & Prizes
2000-2001 Rosettes & Prizes, member of board
2002 Member of board
2003-2005 Club President
2006-2010 Member of Board (educator, vice president, mentor)
2011 Kitten list cordinator, educator, mentor
2012- 2014 Club President, mentor
2015-2016 Member of Board, mentor
2016- 2017 Show Secretary, mentor
2018- mentor

Suomen Kissaliitto Ry committees
2006-2008 Education committee, secretary
2008-2012 Education committee, chairman
2012 Health and Welfare committee, secretary
2013-2016 Health and Education committee, member, Suomen Kissaliitto Educator

Fife, Cornish rex Breed Council

2003- Fife CRX BC, member

Suomen Rex-Kissayhdistys (SUREX)

1997- Suomen Rex-Kissayhdistys, member
1998-1999 Surex, Rosettes & Prizes
1999 Kitten listing
1999-2012 breeder member

Rex-kissa ystävät ry (Rexit)

2014- Member of board, Vice Chairman, Membership secretary


2013 Heli completed PawAcademy course GI-EN course first part and next year 2014 the second G2-EN and the third part G3-EN. List of people who passed the exam G3 PawAcademy website. More information about the courses PawAcademy.



cornish rex


Katja Kinnunen

Katja is now the Registrar of Suomen Kissaliitto and works in Kissaliitto office in Helsinki. Katja has had several positions of trust in Kissaliitto and clubs. Katja has two degrees in as Clinical Animal Nurse and Vetenary Clinic Nurse. Katja lives in Espoo with 11 cornish rexes.

cornish rex


Keski-Suomen kissayhdistys Ry

1996-2004 Member
2000-2001 Rosettes & Prizes
2001-2002 Club Secretary
2001-2015 Show Secretary

Turun Rotukissayhdistys ry

1996 ja 2005- Member
2008-2010 Member of Board
2009-2010 Rosettes & Prizes
2006-2015 Annual Meeting Representative
2015- 2017 Show Secretary

Suomen Kissaliitto ry, committees

2002-2004 Breed Committee, member
2007-2008 Disiplinary Committee, chairman
2013- Show Committee, member
2014- 2017 Show Committee, secretary
2017- Breed Committee, member
2017 - Suomen Kissaliitto Registrar

Suomen Rex-Kissayhdistys (SUREX)

1996-2011 member
1999 webmaster

Rex-kissa ystävät ry

2014- Member of Board

cornish rexKiksu and Piu-Piu, 3 months old in 1996. Our first cornish rexes.

It all started in 1996, when we got our first cornish rex cats, two brothers. We were active showing our cats for some years before the idea we would like start also breeding. Our cattery is named after our first cat Piu-Piu, but where he got his name is another story. Piu also means more, so our cattery name could be freely translated to "more paws". The catteryname FI*Piupaws was accepted in January 1999 in FIFe.

We breed only cornish rexes.


cornish rex