IC Kokopellirex Finnigan

Black/white male, CRX n 09
Born 10 August 2002
Breeder Alex Markus, Canada

Buddy is a large blackvan male who Frida found from Canada Kokopellirex cattery. Buddy came to Finland at the age of 7 months. He settled in well even he had never seen dogs in his live and we have six of them. He is very easygoing male who likes eveyone and is liked by everyone.

Buddy has marvellous curly coat, bright white with black only in his ears and tail. His body is a bit long but fortunately his legs are really high also and he has long tapering tail to balance it. Ears are well sett and good in size. His profile has "an American" bump but the propotions of the head are nice.

Buddy has travelled between Finland and Sweden and he has kittens in both countries. At the moment he is in Sweden. In Finland he has had five litters, one of them in Nerikomin cattery (one boy only). We have kept in our own breeding three girls and one boy. One female is sold to another breeder

Buddy now lives as a neuter in Sweden.