EP, EC Creme de la Creme van Wei Haj Wè

Creme white neuter male (CRX e 09)
Born 23 July 2001
Breeders Mieke & Annemarie Brekelmans, Belgia
Owner Marja Korkiakoski

We found Iivari from Belgium trough Internet. Heli was asking the breeder for a suitable female kitten, and, well, there were two beautiful boys available. There was no reason to think any longer, Heli just flew to Belgium to see the boys and she came back with a cute little cream/white kitten: Iivari.

Iivari has really beautiful curly coat, extremely huge ears, wonderful profile, short body and looong tail. So to say, just about perfect in all means. Iivari is real rex-character; he is a purring lap-cat who follows you everywhere. Iivari likes kissing and he licks with his tiny sandpaper tongue when you pet him. If you don't give your fully attention to him, he has really loud voice and he will try to climb to your lap.

Iivari started his show career straight from the open class and has achieved not only his certificates, but also several BIVs, nominations, BIS and BOX both as entire and neuter male. Iivari gave us 6 litters of beatifull cornish rex babies.

Our other neuter males Piu-Piu and Nelson did not like Iivari so we thought it is better to find him an own home. Iivari now lives as an only cat with two humans and three dogs.