EC FIN*Piupaws Edina Monsoon

Tortie neuter female, CRX f
Born 16 March 2003
Owner Aino Asumus, Paattinen

Luna and Iivari's litter there was only two girls and they both live with family Asumus. Owner of Ilona is 6 years old Aino. Ilona's sister Patsy has been sterilized but Ilona had the career as a show cat and mother of cornish rex babies. Ilona is a truly beatifull and stunning cat. Her tortie colour is startling and her over all appearance is corgeous. She has lovely rexing, high legs, great profile, everything in it's place.

Ilona was TUROK's Cat of the Year 2003 the best kitten in catagory III and to accomplish that Ilona has been several time NOM and BIS. As an adult Ilona has also been BIV, NOM and BIS/BOX more than once.

Ilona had three Piupaws litters 2004, 2005 and 2006. Now Ilona is neutered and lives with two of her daughters.

Photos: Harri Wickstrand

Photos: Heikki Siltala, Jämsä cat show June 2005