IC Penmarric Helin Elohopea

Blacksmoke neuter female (CRX ns)
Born 22 May 1998
Breeders Chris ja Linda Smith, Kanada
Owner Kati Asunmaa

In the beginning of year 1998 Heli was planning a work trip to USA. Of course it was just practical to combine the work with interest and look for a cornish rex from the American continent. In this search Internet was a good tool and from there was found Linda and Chris Smith's Penmarric cattery in Nova Scotia, Canada. Lin just had one set of suitable age kittens and from those was chosen a blacksmoke female, Kiti. Kiti's mother, GC RW Bryban Curiosity of Penmarric has been very succesfull show cat, eg. in show season 1998-1999 she was the best cat and of course the best cornish rex in ACFA's Eastern Canada area. Kiti's father CH Mykro Bless My Starr of Penmarric has a magnificent pedigree, where you can find cats from some of USA's top cornish rexes catteries.

Kiti's appearance is much of CFA standard type, especially the shape of her head differs from European FIFe standard. Kiti has typical rex-look and wonderful high set huge ears. She has very nicely balanced body, she is elegant and has excellent high legs. Kiti is a modest and quiet cat, we call her a little fairy because she is often found "flying" somewhere high places like drapes (which is allowed in our house) or sitting on top of doors.

After neutering our other females started teasing Kiti. We were happy to find Kiti a new home with two human servants and a white housecat gentleman to keep Kiti feline company.