CH S*Änglarna’s Velvet Kiss

Brown mackereltabby and white female, CRX n 09 23
Born 24 July 2003
Breeder Frida Marklund, Sweden

Pusu came to Finland as a result of Swedish-Finnish breeding co'operation. Actually we were waiting for a kitten from another stud, but when we saw this tigerstriped little lady at the age of five weeks - why to wait, that was it. A perfect baby cornish. Luckily Frida allowed us to take Pusu to Finland to become a future breeding queen.

Often when people see Pusu the first thing they say is -it looks like a normal cat! Well, Pusu is mackerel tabby as many feral housecats here in Finland, but that is the only resemblance with a housecat. Pusu is very small and petite. She has really beautiful almond eyes, a nice wedge, straight profile and upright ears. Her coat is thick and rexing is well developed.

Pusu has been shown just few times. She really likes showing and she has been nominated once.

Pusu had three litters and she did not have any tabby kittens. Pusu is now neutered and she lives in a pet home with two housecats.