IC Sebbitiboo Christopher

Chocolate nauter male (CRX b)
Born 14 July 1996
Breeders Judy ja Jack Picknell

Risto is chocolate English import Heli got when she was visiting Judy and Jck Picknell while she was in England because of her studies. Risto has 22 kittens in Finland, 2 litters in our cattery with Kiti and Lilu and a litter each in Rexaggeration, Seafarer and Ajuz catteries.

Because Risto was already adult when he came to Finland, neither Piu-Piu nor Nelson accepted him. So we had to re-home him. He is now having a great time as lap warmer in the same family with his son Rexaggeration Zeus and greatgranddaughter EC Piupaws Little Dorrit.