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SC FI*Piupaws Sunrise, CRX d 03. Photo Jan Nyström.

16.7.2014 Kitten page updated.
3.7.2014 Kitten page updated
8.6.2014 Kitten page updated
18.4.2014 Pirkka and Raita-Pirkka got own pages. New photos Nasu, Martha and Robin.
15.4.2014 Ettan, Keke, Zeleste, Martha, Pinja, Pulla and Amidala got own pages.
14.4.2014 Kitten page updated. Kerttu, Werneri and Milli got own pages.
1.3.2014 Sanna-Raipe's girls were born
20.12.2013 Ruttu's little-Kekes were born
17.11.2013 Pinja's five were born
18.11.2013 Pulla's little ones were born
17.10.2013 Nasu's red Fire-kittens were born
17.7.2013 Sini's two were bon
28.5.2013 Piste-Pirkka boys were born
13.4.2013 Kitten page update
28.3.2013 Kitten page updated
5.2.2013 Kitten page updated
30.9.2012 Lumi's kittens were born
20.8.2012 Updates
14.8.2012 Ressi's kittens born
7.7.2012 Lumi's kittens born
21.6.2012 Lotta's pointed litter born
10.5.2012 Updates
1.12.2011 Updated
12.11.2011 XHS kittens born (housecat x cornish mix)
8.8.2011 Kitten page updated
2.4.2011 Kitten page updated
I got a new program to update this site, so finally some updated done
7.1.2011 Some updates done here and there
6.1.2011 Kitten page updated
13.10. 2010 Kuplis' kittens were born
6.10.2010 Thyra's kittens were born
23.8.2010 Taco's kittens were born
22.7.2010 Kitten page updated
30.5.2010 Kitten page updated
13.4.2010 Kitten page updated

20.3.2010 Kitten page updated

9.7.2009 Many pages are removed and English site will be lots smaller
8.7.2009 Asta's kittens were born
29.6.2009 Eila's kittens were born
14.6.2009 Robo's boy was born
4.6.2009 New photos of Hely's kittens
22.5.2009 Kitten page updated
14.5.2009 Räntä's kitten were born
1.5.2009 Hely's kittens were born
18.4.2009 New photos of Pippuri's kittens
1.4.2009 Kitten pege updated
12.3.2009 Rosalina's kittens were born
16.2.2009 New photos of Betula and Pippuri's kittens
11.2.2009 Pippuri's kittens were born
7.2.2009 Kitten page updated
6.1.2009 Some photos of Hyrrä's kittens added on kitten page
23.11.2008 Hölö had five big and healthy babies
3.11.2008 Vinku had one black white girl, who unfortunately did not live
2.11.2008 Sylvia got one black white boy
26.10.2008 Killeri got the WW'08 tittle!!
19.10.2008 Hely's kitten and Cipsi's kittens were born
15.10.2008 Dea's kittens were born
6.10.2008 Kitten page updated
3.10.2008 Hyrrä's kittens were born
28.8.2008 Kitten page updated
4.8.2008 New photo's of Mini-Mörkös and Hyrrä's kittens

21.7.2008 Safron's kittens were born

12.8.2008 New photos of Alex' kittens
6.7.2008 Madde's kitten was born
3.7.2008 Lots of new kitten photos of Hyrrä's, Tiuku's, Cipsi's, Robo's and Thyra's babies
1.7.2008 Tiuku's all black kittens were born
2.6.2008 New photos of Cipsi's kittens and Hyrrä's kittens
29.5.2008 Robo's kittens were born
26.5.2008 Photos of kittens
12.5.2008 Photos of Hyrrä's and Cipsi's kittens
4.5.2008 Hyrrä's kittens were born
29.4.2008 Cipsi's kittens were born
12.4.2008 Photos of Jussi and photos of Alex' newborn kittens added.
6.4.2008 Alex's kittens were born. New photos of Sohjo, girl kitten still available.
21.3.2008 Kitten page updated. New photos of Safron's, Dea's and Minttu's kittens
10.3.2008 Minttu's kittens were born
2.3.2008 Hölö's kittens were born
11.2.2008 New photos of Dea's kittens and Pumpuli's kittens
2.3.2008 New photos of Dea's kittens
27.1.2008 New photos of Dea's kittens
26.1.2008 New photos of Pumpuli's kittens
23.1.2008 Kitten page updated
16.1.2008 Photos of Dea's kittens
15.1.2008 Dea's kittens were born (2 boys, 2 girls)
13.1.2008 Safron's kittens were born (2 boys, 2 girls)
30.12.2007 Photo's of Sulo added (and Hölö)
22.12.2007 Pumpuli's girl kittens were born
1.11.2007 Kitten page updated
25.10.2007 New photos of CanCan's kittens and devon baby
10.10.2007 New photos of Alex's kittens
3.10.2007 New photos of CanCan's kittens
1.10.2007 Nasta's devon rex baby (one boy!) was born
27.9.2007 New photos of Clara's boys and Touho. Kitten page updated.
26.9.2007 Cipsi's boy was born
19.9.2007 Jussi got own page. New photos of Roland, taken by Jan.
8.9.2007 New photos of Pikku-Mörkö
7.9.2007 New photos of CanCan's kittens and Madde's kittens
28.8.2007 New photos of Alex' kittens
22.8.2007 Photos of CanCan's kittens added
20.8.2007 Guestbook open
19.8.2007 CanCan's kittens were born
18.8.2007 Madde's kittens were born
2.8.2007 Photos of Alex' kittens added
28.7.2007 Alex's kittens were born
5.7.2007 Kitten page updated
17.6.2007 Kitten page updated
7.6.2007 New photos of Safron
4.6.2007 Cats-page updated
30.5.2007 Photos of Clara's kittens
5.5.2007 New photos of Vinku's kittens
30.4.2207 Clara's kittens were born
12.4.2007 Kitten page updated
25.3.2007 Sylvia came back home from Sweden
20.3.2007 Vinku's kittens were born
16.3.2007 Minttu & Mörkö's kittens were born
9.2.2007 Dea, Alex and Kanttarelli got own pages
1.2.2007 Kitten page updated
11.1.2007 Kitten page updated
20.11.2006 Breeding and Cats pages updated
18.11.2006 Madde's kittens were born
14.11.2006 New photos of the kittens
26.10.2006 Helmi's kittens were born
25.10.2005 Älva's kittens were born
17.10.2006 Photos of Vinku's kittens and Tiuku's kittens
11.10.2006 Vinku's kittens were born
5.10.2006 Couple of new photos of Nabi and Nasta DRX
4.10.2006 New photos of Ilona's and Tiuku's kittens
25.9.2006 Elliot has own page
11.9.2006 New photos of Ilona's, Tiuku's and Riitta's kittens.
21.8.2006 Kitten page updated. New photos of Älva's and Ilona's kittens.
17.8.2006 Tiuku's kittens were born. New photos of Aino's kittens.
13.8.2006 New photos of Riitta's kittens
9.8.2006 New photos of Älva's kittens. Roland has own page
4.8.2006 Photos of Nabi and new photos of two week old Ilona's kittens
2.8.2006 New photos of Riitta's kittens
23.7.2006 Riitta's kittens were born
20.7.2006 Ilona's kittens were born
14.7.2006 Bobo has own page. New photos of Mörkö, Nasta and Tero.
9.7.2006 New photos of Älva's kittens
6.7.2006 Photos of Aino's kittens
14.6.2006 New photos of Älva's kittens
12.6.2006. New photos of Blinky, Minttu, Mörkö, Tero, Lenni, Nasta and Vinku.
9.6.2006 Aino's and Little Blue's litters were born
28.5.2006 Älva's kittens were born
25.4.2006 Pusu's boy was born
9.4.2006 Kittens page uppdated.
22.3.2006 Nasta, devon rex girl got own page
18.3.2006 Kitten page updated
13.3.2006 Halo's kittens were born
1.3.2006 Sylvia's boys were born
15.2.2006 Raisa got own page. Kitten page uppdated.
5.2.2006 Kitten page updated
16.1.2006 Blinky and Minttu got own pages. New photos of Mörkö added.
11.1.2005 Kittens pages updated
5.1.2006 Minerva's kittens are born
11.12.2005 New photos of Sylvia.
10.12.2005 Kitten pages updated. Nabi and CanCan has own pages. Binky & Piccola are here now...
6.11.2005 Älva and Helmi got own pages
25.10.2005 New photos of Dumbo and Robo
23.10.2005 New photos of Ilona's kittens
21.10.2005 Jenisei's kitten is born
22.9.2005 Photos of Ilona's girls and Pusu' kittens added
19.9.2005 Tero, Xandor and Riitta got own pages
13.9.2005 Ilona's girls were born, kitten page updated
9.9.2005 New photos in photo gallery
7.9.2005 Photos of Pusu's kittens and photos of Madde added
30.8.2005 Pusu's kittens are born
13.8.2005 Photos of Charles, Tiuku and Jorma
11.8.2005 Photos of Ilona and new photos of kittens. Lenni has own page.
2.8.2005 New photos of Tilli's kittens. And photos of Mörkö added.
19.7.2005 Kitten page updated
13.7.2005 New photos of Tilli's kittens, kitten page updated
30.6.2005 Kitten photos added, Mörkö, Vinku and Sylvia have their own pages
28.6.2005 Kitten photos added, photos of Ilona added
21.6.2006 Rex babies are born!
14.6.2005 Gallery, Kittens and Links pages updated
17.5.2005 Lissu's kittens were born
12.5.2005 Lots of new photos of Clara's kittens
6.5.2005 New photos of Clara's kittens
29.4.2005 Our new cat Halo has her own page. New photos: Cattery, Tilli and Jenisei
28.4.2005 New photos of Clara's kittens in kittenpage
21.2.2005 Photos added to Link's and Pusu's pages
20.4.2005 Some photos added to Clara, Charles, Liinu, Pusu and Tepponen family
18.4.2005 Kittens page and link list updated
5.4.2005 Pusu's kittens were born.
30.3.2005 Clara's kittens were born. Link list updated
29.3.2005 Litters and breeding pages updated
24.3.2005 Cats, kittens and links pages updated
1.3.2005 Cats pages updated
12.2.2005 Kittens and litters pages updated
29.1.2005 More photos added in Gallery, cats and kitten pages updated
25.1.2005 New kitten photos
20.1.2005 Gallery and cattery pages updated
16.1.2005 Kittens and cats pages updated
13.12.2004 Some new links added
11.12.2004 Belle's kittens were born
8.12.2004 New photos of the kittens
17.11.2004 Photos of Clarabelle in WW show
16.11.2004 Ilona & Buddy kittens were born, kitten page updated
14.11.2004 SW04 IC Piupaws Clarabelle won World Winner tittle in Austria!
9.11.2004 Tootsie & Joe kitten is born